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Managers from over 130 companies and government representatives from fifteen Russian regions and seven countries met each other at Ufa VDNH exhibition center. The event program traditionally consisted of a business part and an exhibition part. The first main event was a plenary session on “Problems and features of the industrial revolution 4.0 in Russia”. To discuss the borderlines of effective cooperation between government, business and science in the field of mastering digital production, as well as the features of digitalization of industrial enterprises in Russia.

There were over 20 thematic sessions and round tables with experts involved at the forum. They talked about additive technologies in manufacturing, financial tools to support business, development of industrial parks, cooperation between large and small businesses, ensuring occupational safety at work and much more.

The head of the Production Systems Department of LLC Management Company TAU NefteKhim Mrs. Liana Miroshnichenko took a word at a session “Increasing labor productivity in digital economy”. She presented a report to the colleagues on “Lean Manufacturing — Available Improvement Tools in the Company”. The use of Lean manufacturing tools such as TPM (proper productive maintenance), TWI (training within industry), Poreto and Ishikawa diagrams and Kanban in the production of copolymer rubber at JSC SNHZ was showcased as an example. The efforts of the established working group allowed it to identify the root causes of the problems identified, to develop and implement measures to eliminate them.

For the first time within the event a meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan – the main industry event of the Government Agency, was held. Acting Leader of the Republic Mr. Radiy Khabirov met top managers of large industrial enterprises of the region. The petrochemical enterprises of the holding were represented by Mr. Oleg Shurupov, the Production Director of the Management Company TAU NefteKhim. The companies’ results in 2018 were summed up; strategic plans, goals and objectives for the current period were developed.


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